Design K POS Display

Design K, founded in 2011 in İstanbul, is an enthusiastic company dedicated to provide innovative POS display solutions.

With a wide range of clients and experience in the Food, Drink and Confectionary, Media&Entertainment and Pharmaceutical markets to mention just a few, Design K offer their clients a fully integrated design and manufacturing solution. Temporary and permanent retail displays including floor stands, counter displays, hangsells and merchandising strips are all within the Design K in-house capabilities.

Besides the standart POS displays, Design K has a unique expertise in polypropylene(PP) plastic display solutions. PP is a eco –friendly recyclable, lightweight, rigid, water and tear resistant material. When used in display production, PP plastic turns into durable and highly attractive POS displays.

PP material and its speical production technique provides our clients with time and cost advantages : product prototype is ready in 2 days, final pos materials are delivered in 21-28 days and moreover there is no need to expensive moulding.

From concept through to production we provide every service needed to bring out new ideas to the market.

How we work

Display successes are shown throughout the website and include Vivident, First, Jelibon, Rocco, Milka, Barni, Oreo, Tadelle, Olips, Tofita, Falım, TipiTip, Hero Baby, Adel, Faber Castell, Mondelez, Perfetti Van Melle, PepsiCo, Sanset Gıda, Chupa Chups, Mentos, Nestle, Lav, Ontex, PayPal, İpek Pamuk, Azersun Holding, Lesaffre-Meca, Ekol Zeytin, Varimed, Gold Soft, Martı Yayınları, Orzax, Arko Pharma, Acıbadem Mobil, Farma Factor, Splat, Haribo, Euroasian Foods Corporation, Ozmo, Şölen Gıda, Bephantol, Bayer, Haribo, Splat, İbrahim Ethem, Farmavita.