Wooden Displays

Wooden displays are eco-friendly, recyclable and durable. A wooden display could last for several seasons and stand out with their natural look in the retail stores. They can be shipped assembled or disassembled according to the need. However they are not suitable for mass production and usually preferred for quantities lower than 200 units. Another consideration is their shipment, due to their heavy structure they should be carefully transported against damages.

Types of Wooden Displays

Wooden displays can be made of from solid wood, lacquered wood or melamin faced MDF. They are mostly used for floor and tabletop displays.
Lacquered wooden displays are very difficult in terms of manufacturing but they are extremely remarkable in terms of their look. In particular, they can be selected for corporate colors which are not available in ready-made color cards. Lacquer paint is an important item in terms of cost but it gives the premium quality look to the display. For a premium look visual areas are usually kept minimal, for instance partial placement of product logo and tagline.
Solid wood displays can be of first choice especially in projects where health, nature and sustainability messages are a priority such as organic food, baby food and snacks. Integrity can be achieved with direct print to the wood.
Melamin faced MDF displays are produced from chipboards with ready-made colorcards. It is common to use foil printing in visual areas. It is the most advantageous wooden display type in terms of cost and manufacturing.

Wooden Display Manufacturing

Wooden sheets are cut with CNC routers and table saws with and then screwed or glued. The edges are coated with bands that are compatible with the colors. Combining different materials with wooden enrich the design.

Wooden Display Examples

You may see wooden displays especially in cosmetics, jewelry, pharma and natural product sales points. It is preferred in small scale projects since there is no need for molding. They are widely used for floor and countertop displays.

Wooden Display Prices

Wooden display prices vary according to raw materials, painting method, shipment and labor. Shipping is a major item in the total cost.

Permanent Wooden Floor Stand
Wooden Floor Stand
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Wooden Floor Stand
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